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Professional duty, purple cleaner & degreaser, lavender fragrance, no-butyl. Along with excellent cleaning and degreasing, this is a very efficient and long lasting odor neutralizer & deodorant. This butyl-free concentrate is a very effective substitute for solvents, caustics, acids, toxic and bleach type cleaners. Provides rapid and complete penetration and removal of grease, grime, oils and other tough soils. Use as a daily maintenance cleaner for floors, walls, woodwork, kitchens,dining rooms, shower stalls, locker rooms, trash areas and many other high use areas. Leaves a refreshing and lasting lavender fragrance.


Case items4/1 galCase weightavg 37 lbCase dimensionsL 12.75" W 12.75" H 12.75"SKU123214UPC909590827007
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