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Pork, Ribs, St. Louis, 3 Lb Up, Frozen, Natural

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PROCESSING SPEC: 1)All tail lean on the flank end shall be cut back to be within 1⁄2 inch of the last rib bone to achieve a uniform rectangular shape. 2) Fat will have a 2 square inch maximum – Including seam fat or fat over the lean pattern. 3) The skirt meat and bubble fat shall be removed. 4) The brisket and costal cartilage is removed. 5) The spareribs will have 11 rib bones or more. 6) Two (2) piece/bag. Six (6) bag/box


Case items44 lbCase weightavg 44 lbCase dimensionsL 23.5" W 13" H 10"SKU124771UPC124771
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